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The Butter Bites Get Ready to Rock The House at Somerset Hills YMCA at Bedminster/Far Hills

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Well, maybe when they’re a couple of years older…

I just received a postcard from the Somerset Hills YMCA about a bunch of cool new winter programs for kids at the Bedminster/Far Hills location.

“Your kids will love coming to The House at the Somerset Hills YMCA, Bedminster.  It’s cool enough for them and safe enough for you.  Tell your kids about some of the things they can do at The House.  There’s Improv, Group Guitar & Drum, “So You Want to be a Rock Star,” and Lab Rats.  There’s even a Middle School Friday Program; your kids can take a short walk after school to The House and join a band, watch a movie, record music and play in a video game contest.  Classes for this mini-session begin February 14th.”

I know London and Maddie would love the YMCA’s Recording Sessions:  Learn to record your music like the pros.  Students will learn digital audio recording, “micing” techniques, how to track and mix all of their instruments.  Work will be done on today’s top software like Pro Tools, Albeton Live, and Reason.

Unfortunately for London and Maddie and the rest of their Butter Bites girl band, the Group Guitar Lessons, Group Drum lessons, and Recording Sessions at the Somerset Hills YMCA are all for ages 10 years and up.

I found a few more programs worth noting:

  • Theater Games (ages 4-12 years):  exciting and hihgly interactive sessions of acting, movement, and musical activities that will bring out the star in all of us.  Each week, students will have a chance to express themselves through games and activities designed to build confidence, critical thinking and concentration skills, all while having a blast!
  • The Improv Workshop (ages 9-17 years):  flex your creative muscles as you dive into the world of improvisational theater.  Get in touch with your mind and your body as you learn the basics of improv, physical comedy and slapstick, and create your own characters and sketches.  A must not only for aspiring actors, but anyone who wants to develop their confidence, brain power, and public speaking skills.
  • Pantomime (ages 9-12 years):  this class teaches the art of silent acting.  Be the next “Marcel Marceau.”

Contact Carolyn Vasquez at the Somerset Hills YMCA — Bedminster/Far Hills branch.  84 Somerville Road (Route 202), Bedminster, NJ  07921.  Phone:  (908) 296-0618.

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